District Agriculture Department,Tinsukia District Agriculture Officer,
Galapukhuri, Galapukhuri Road.

Tinsukia District is situted in the extreme North-East part of Assam. The district is situated in the Upper Brahmaputra Vally is an alluvial plain surrounded all sides by hills except in the west. The average annual rainfall is 2000 mm and average rainy days is 150 days per year.
There are numbers of schemes and projects for development of agriculture is the District. The following are the major achievement from the schemes implemented in the last two years.
The DLTF Tinsukia sponsored an ambitious programme in the remote corner of the district to boost up for production. The name of the plan is "Project Ritu Kathalguri". Oil India Duliajan donated a sum of Rs. 2 Lakhs for the project and D.C. Tinsukia handing over the cheque to Zilla Pathar Parisalana Samittee a NGO in charge of the programme.
There are 5 Nos. of NWDPRA projects in the district for development of rainfed agriculture. The Zilla Pathar parishalana Samittee is in charge of all the projects as PIA(Project Implemention Agency). Individual projects will be look after by W.A. (Watershed Association) at project level. The D.C. Tinsukia handing over cheques to all 5 Nos. of W.A. in a joint meeting of his conference hall.

Inaugurating the Spices Year 2002-2003 at Khariagaon Tinsukia Sri Samsher Singh, ADC(Dev) plants a Black Pepper seedling. Since then 10,000 nos of black pepper seedlings were districuted from schematic provision and another 25,000 nos of seedlings procured by Tea Gardens to plant these in the shed trees.
Soil testing should be mandatory beforee applying any chemical fertilizers. The Zila Pather Parichalala Samity, Tinsukia has already set up a Soil Testing Laboratory two years back and already analysed about 3000 Nos. of soil samples. It is financed by Central Govt. for the interest of the farmers of the district.
Sri S.C. Das, Agriculture Production Commissioner, Assam paid a visit to the labortary during his recent tour to the district. In the Upper Assam no such Soil testing labortary is functioning in private sector for the interest of the farmers.
Orange (Khasi Mandarin) is the main fruit crop of the District. The area under orange was in a declining trend during the last few years due to replacement of old and unproductive orchard by tea and other crops and a general trend of shifting to tea cultivation. But the efforts through various Govt. schemes specially Area Expansion programmes of Technology Mission the area under Orange has been found to increase a latest survey is 1350.66 ha. It is worth mentioning that Tinsukia district the largest orange growing district in Assam both in terms of area and production.
Floriculture is now a days is a paying concern. Assam Horticulture Socity, Tinsukia Branch has been organising Flower Show every year in the district. The D.A.O, Tinsukia visiting the show with other members of Socity to encourage the farmers to accept floriculture as commercial cultivation.

Mushroom is also a paying concern. So, the District Agriculture Officials are demonstrating practical aspects of mushroom cultivation. Now, Oyster mushroom is grown in almost all AEO circles. This year about 2000 Nos. of participants were trained in this line and 25 Kg of spawn distributed to farmers at free of cost alongwith polythene bags from the schemetic provision under ARISP. Most of the SHG are started mushroom cultivation for their economic benifit.
To stop indiscriminate use of poisionus chemicals to protect any crop from pest and diseases, the Integrated Pest Managment Technologies is developed. Agriculture field functioneries demonstrating farmers about the beneficial insects. Farmers field schools are being organised for the said purpose.

Technology Mission for Dev. of Horticulture a scheme aimimg at all round development horticulture crop is implemented in the district. Last year achievement - Black Pepper - 10 Ha. Orange - 10 Ha. Banana - 10 Ha. Ginger - 5 Ha. Rabi Vegetables - 10 Ha. with Rs. 13,000/- financial help to farmers per Ha. Two plants & grafts nursery were also established from the scheme. Another Vermicompost unit is also established.

This year target : Orange - 5 Ha. Ginger - 5 Ha. Mushambi - 5 Ha. Cashewnut - 20 Ha. Programme is initiated in the farmers field.
"Patchouli" an aromatic plant is being cultivated in the district for extraction of oil from its leaf. This oil has got demand in the International market. As the acrage under Patchouli increasing year after year, a Oil extraction plant is also set up by Mr. Negi, Makum, Tinsukia.

Irrigation is essential for growing three crops in a year. Keeping this view, the Govt. has implemented a scheme to issue STW to farmers at 2/3rd subsidy. Already 2000 Nos. STW were installed at farmers field under ARIASP and SKY Scheme. Taking advantage of the scheme farmers are growing double and triple cropping increasing cropping intensity from 145% to 165%.
Kishan Credit Card : In the light of Govt. directives issued time to time the DAO, Tinsukia and the District Administration has taken up the Scheme of Kisan Credit Card(KCC)as one of the most priority sector and accordingly 11356 nos. of application forms have been submitted to various Bank Branches. But as per the latest instruction the target for the year 2002-03 has been refixed at 2671 Nos. and the achievement inspite of several constraints is 1365 nos.

Krishi Vigyan Kendra : The permier institute established in the Citrus Research Station, AAU, Tinsukia under the auspices of ICAR started functioning in November'2000. KVK, Tinsukia the first of its kind in the eastern zone is committed to take effective steps in improving the condition of the farming community. The KVK has been motivating farmers to adopt improved package of practices for various crops, through different training programmes held, both off and on campus. Till now the KVK has organised 150 Nos. of training programmes on various subjects related to Agriculture covering 2714 nos. of trainees.